Desocel, Lda.

About us

DESOCEL, LDA is representative of the MIDES® brand in Europe, Africa and Asia more than 15 years.

The MIDES® brand manufactures and markets Air Blasters, being a specialist in unclogging systems engineering.

The MIDES® brand provides classification and loading services for Balls of the Ball Mills.

The MIDES® brand exists for more than 35 years with enormous success, with is customers, with a level of satisfaction of its equipments in 95% and in its services in 97%.

Currently the MIDES® brand has developed MIDES® Air Blaster model 7AT, this model allows the following characteristics:

  • 3 times more shot power than any other cannon on the market;
  • Savings of compressed air;
  • 3 years warranty on the 7AT Valve;
  • $ 0 maintenance cost and change of parts;
  • Better quality / price ratio;
  • More than 1,000,000 shots in all types of environments, including aggressive and high temperature environments.

The company DESOCEL markets:
» MIDES® Air Blasters model 6AT and model 7AT
» MIDES® nozzles
» MIDES® Pneumatic Panels

NOTE: 6AT models only in DMA - 12lts and DMB - 25lts.

The company DESOCEL provides the following services:
»MIDES® unclogging system engineering
»MIDES® Classification of balls for Ball Mills
»MIDES® Load of balls for Ball Mills